About Us

SBS - Service for a Better Society

SBS (Service for a Better Society) is a Non-Profit Organization established in the year 2019. It works for the benefit of SBS Members and then for a society.

SBS Moto:

Social Service assists families and individuals in becoming socially and economically self-sufficient and independent. SBS focus to develop each member to become a better Leader and financially strong. These positive attitude Leaders will help in developing a better society honestly.

SBS Team

Each person in SBS has a primary purpose and common set of rules with mutual understanding among team members.

SBS, to build a closed network and relationships, to improve mutual benefits and responsibilities within network and finally SBS members are here to serve for a Better Society.

SBS is here to set a new way of problem solving through Official Advices, Sharing Individual Thoughts and Group Discussions with proper and clear execution.

We Believe In

  • 1. The lord is one and is in the form of knowledge and can be found in Service/Humanity.
  • 2. Justice for all, we are open to all and never gives priority for any Caste/Community/Religion.
  • 3. Strength & Courage: Supremacy is our nature, 'Do or Die' for it.
  • 4. Be a selfless and Never show Pride.
  • 5. Service for Food, Education, Health & Satisfaction.

So why do you wait ? drop an email to sbs@buildeeji.com if you have any kind of problems in Govt. offices, Personal Life, Professional Life, Financial Issues or any other in Society.