Lakshmi Narayana

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Name : Lakshmi Narayana
Age : 39
Qualification : MCA ( Computer Application)
Gender : Male
Designation: Executive Director
Role : Leading Siyara Light & Buildeeji
Experience : 10+
About Yourself in Short : 1. Clear, Soft and Genuine nature 2. Appreciates Positive attitude nature 3. Capable of handling complex things On time and Appropriately 4. Striving for a Social change which effects the lifestyle of India 5. Succeed our goals by joining the Courageous Positive attitude SBS family.
About Yourself in Detail : More on 'Buildeeji True Path' - You Tube Channel

1. Which position are you opting for ?

2. What are the benefits you are looking for ?

Want to promote Siyara Light Products, Develop Buildeeji thus strengthen my self and help for a Better Society.

3. In what aspects you help for a Better Society ?

Help people in 1. Fulfilling their basic needs 2. Comfortable Living by solving unsolved problems 3. Strengthen their courage and financial needs 4. Helps in achieving their goals and Succeeding in Life.

4. What are your Strengths ?

Want to make key players in SBS family, thus helps SBS in developing a better society.

5. Available days for SBS


4 Hours

7. What is your Goal trough SBS ?

Why can't we develop a Discipline and Genuine nature in common people ? Only Knowledge and Metured people chooses right leaders, SBS Helps, Supports, Participates in programs, thus people educate, develop politically and financially and choose right leaders thus change the life style of India or the World.

City/Town : Ranga Reddy
State : Telangana

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